who we are

who is julious daughters?
ruthie is the creative force behind the brand with over 15 years of experience in the bridal industry and content creation. 

We are a creative marketing agency with a niche focus on weddings. Creating editorial-worthy content you can share within 24hrs. 

our mission

Unlike a photographer or a videographer, which are two crucial vendors to include on your team of pros, wedding content creators capture iPhone content throughout your wedding day. We work in tandem with your photographer, snapping BTS candids you'll have access to immediately, or we can manage your social profiles while you're preoccupied with other things.

Consider us your Chief Bridal Officer.

In the time of Instagram Reels and TikTok trends, social media content creation is on the minds of, well, nearly everyone. Even if you aren't a self- proclaimed influencer, you might want to repost IG stories that you're tagged in throughout your wedding weekend, or there may be a TikTok trend you want to recreate with your bridesmaids. Your wedding is a whirlwind, though, and there's a chance you won't have your phone handy every time you want to capture a candid moment or record a trending video—but that's where wedding social media content creators come into play.

Ruthie Fonseca is a seasoned Wedding Expert, Content Creator, and CEO of Julious Daughters, a creative marketing agency with niche expertise in the bridal industry. With close to two decades of experience, Ruthie has built an impressive resume spanning the luxury bridal, fashion, and marketing industries. 

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