A wedding content creator is there to help you get content immediately. We are not shooting on a DSLR camera or editing long-form content. We are here to capture all the fun and beautiful moments that you would want to share instantly on your social media!

What makes you different than a videographer?


Have you been wondering who was going to get videos for your Instagram? Let your bridal party and family enjoy the day and our team will capture all your BTS and delivery it to you within 24hrs ready to post.

Why should we hire a wedding content creator?


We use an iPhone 14pro to shoot all of our weddings.

What do you use to capture your content?


Absolutely! Once provided with a COI Sample from your venue, we will be able to send back a COI and whatever other documentation is requested.

Can you provide insurance for our venue?


Never! As a former wedding planner, I know the importance of photo and video and that they take priority. We work together with them to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will reach out to your photographer/videographer personally prior to the wedding to come up with a plan of action

Will this get in the way of my photographer/videographer?


We share our content that same night via airdrop and within 24 hours via a google drive link.

How do you send your content?


To reserve your date, you must pay a non-refundable 40% deposit based on the package you choose. The balance will be due 14 days out from your event.

What is required to reserve the wedding date?


Absolutely! We are available to travel both domestically and internationally. Extra fees will apply. 

Do you travel?